It is so difficult to write about Chateau Vecsey, for me at least. I was the first to write a Hungarian article about them and later the first English-language piece, as well. Why write now another one and with pleasure? Because their wines continue to be excellent and the winery seems to be fulfilling my old prophecy step by step. They want to make the best Slovak Tokaj wine.

Photo: @PixelTaster 

If you are interested in my remarkable discovery, click here. For everyone else, let me sum up the dry facts: currently 25 hectares of vineyard is cultivated and the final target is somewhere below 50 hectares. The most prominent area is a single vineyard call Lada near Černochov, the winemaker is László Butella who was previously working for Royal Tokaji in Mád. A huge rock from Mád is placed in the cellar in Streda nad Bodrogom to symbolize that the two Tokaji wine regions have one single spiritual centre; the place where István Szepsy guards the grapes and the wine in his cellar.

View from the Lada vineyard with Černochov in the background by @PixelTaster

If you arrive at Chateau Vecsey knowing the Hungarian Tokaji, the wines will prove to be good. But if you know the Slovak Tokaj, you will be shocked by the wines. It is not an accident that one of the sweet wines is named Provokácia, and it is on purpose too that after the barrel-aging the single-vineyard dry Furmint resembles less to other dry Furmints of the wine region, and it is also deliberate that the Yellow Muscat výberová esencia which is actually still being aged and was just grabbed from under the counter to taste is still among the best of such wines I’ve tried. It is another issue that according to effective Slovak laws this latter may not be distributed under the above name.

The last aristocratic owner baron Béla Vécsey and the winemaker László Butella with a bottle of vyber which is signed by a Vécsey descendant from Chile by @PixelTaster

Since my last visit the tasting rooms in the building above the cellar located beside the winery have been finished and soon the accommodation will also be completed. What is even more important is that the owners, Peter and Zuzana Veszprémi are clearly more and more in love with their project. So much so that they sometimes act irresponsibly and are not afraid to take the wine-writer to Borsa to have some beer after the lots of Tokaji wine.

The couple, Zuzana and Peter Veszprémi, who dreamed again the Vécsey story in Streda nad Bodrogom by @PixelTaster

Heed my advice and visit Chateau Vecsey either in Streda nad Bodrogom or their summer residence in Lada vineyard, taste their wines and don’t miss out our articles in WineSofa because I can assure you that the above-mentioned Yellow Muscat výberová esencia will make it to the front page as soon as it is out.

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