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Dániel Ercsey

Founder, Editor in Chief

I don’t like serious, professional introductions. Partly because if I am already selling myself, then I don’t want to be a pig in a poke, whereas a professional biography can, by necessity, only be just that. Partly because the big picture is always funnier and more exciting than the details. Just think about it, a wine in itself can also be beautiful and exciting, but it so much more fascinating when you taste it in company! Or paired with food, sitting beside a panoramic window, with the sea beneath you, in the Himalayas, or whatever takes your fancy! So, only this much about myself: I’m human and, as such, an interested in everything. Nihil humanum a me alienum puto. I love Paris, the call of the muezzin in Fez and the smell of the sea at dawn on Marine Drive. I read, always and everywhere, especially contemporary fiction. And, of course, I write. Newspapers, books, novels, short stories, interviews, leaflets, feuilletons and sometimes poems, too. If asked though, I’ll deny the latter. I like hiking and, at one time, I also used to climb mountains, although this perversion of mine has now worn off. I’m interested in geography, geology, history and culture in all its manifestations. Ego eimi ho on, I am who I am.

Co-author of ’A Nagy Magyar Boratlasz’(The Great Hungarian Wine Atlas) and numerous other wine-related publications. Permanent judge at international wine competitions, including the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, co-founder and editor-in-chief of WineSofa.


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