Our experts are international wine competition judges who have sufficient tasting experience and expertise to make a credible evaluation. The wines are evaluated in the international 100-point system. We do not deal with any products falling below the 70-point mark, as these are not wines we would wish to recommend.

96-100: extraordinary
90 - 95: outstanding
80 - 89: very good
70 - 79: average
60 - 69: below average
50 - 59: not recommended

If a wine was not tasted blind, we will make a four-point assessment (e.g. in the case of barrel samples: 80-84)

Trust and credibility are crucial for us. WineSofa staff members are not permitted to accept any kind of financial favour from the wine industry. Reporting on any tasting is therefore totally subjective. Drink what you Like and Like what you Drink. We would like to help guide our readers around the world of Central and Eastern European wines, and aid in discovering their perfection.