How it works?

WineSofa would like to work with others who share its passion for high quality content. We therefore welcome proposals from freelance writers on topics relating to wine, fine food and travel. Our main focus is on regions within Central and Eastern Europe or those which are not considered ‘mainstream’ regions, i.e. not generally covered by wine publications, such as Switzerland, Belgium and Southern Italy.

  1. Submit your pitch for an article about wine, fine food and travel.
  2. WineSofa will review your submission.
  3. Get your idea approved and then write your post.
  4. WineSofa will provide any custom materials (images, graphics…) you need for your post.

Tips for pitching your idea

  • Please do not send full manuscripts on spec.
  • A pitch only needs to be one or two paragraphs long.
  • Please also submit some supporting information about yourself, e.g. a résumé, CV or some excerpts of your work.
  • Always try to pitch your best ideas to increase the chance of your pitch being accepted.
  • We accept submissions via email, or even via snail mail.

Please do not use your pitch as a way to market your own business. If you have a special offer, product or service which you feel may be of interest to our readers, then please contact us.