For those who are interested in the subject itself and live in the States, take a look at some of the videos on the FurmintUSA site. From those included in the programme, I recommend the Gizella Pince Szil-völgy Furmint 2012, maybe the Majoros Estate Deák 2011. We have already written about the Paulay winehouse, but it’s worth experimenting with different producers. In California, it’s worth taking a look at the Blue Danube Wine range, where you can also find some lovely dry Furmints. Here you can find a good example of a wine produced on loess from the Bott winery (Bott Teleki 2013) and also one from volcanic terroir (Bott Csontos Furmint 2013). The biggest name on their list is Zoltán Demeter, who makes elegant, perfectly polished wines; the Szerelmi wines are produced on loess, whereas the Veres vineyard has volcanic soil. You should also watch out at Polaner Selections for the Sec from the Királyudvar winery whom we mentioned earlier in the Tokaj - and dry? article. 

István Szepsy is without doubt the most well-known producer in the region; his wines are represented in London at Top SelectionHedonism also has a good range of Tokaj wines, including an Aszú from 1860! At The Sampler, on the other hand, you can find a real entry-level wine, so for those who don’t want to have to memorise the vineyard names, the best choice is a MÁD Dry Furmint 2013, which is a village wine, like the village wines in Burgundy. Finally, it’s also worth considering a Hungarian merchant. Bortársaság will deliver wines anywhere in the EU and they have a serious selection of dry Tokaj (do not miss the wines of Attila Homonna from the Határi and Rány vineyards).