At the end of the First World War, when the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy broke up, making the territorial integrity of the Hungarian kingdom a thing of the past. Czechoslovakia came into existence and this new country ended up with two settlements from the Tokaj wine region as well as part of a third and an area of around 178 hectares which, according to Hungarian wine law of the time, was suitable for producing Tokaj wine. This area was returned to Hungary during the Second World War, was then again part of Czechoslovakia, and finally from 1993 was one of independent Slovakia’s wine regions. The production area had already been expanded during the Czechoslovakian era, so today’s seven settlements can produce Tokaj wine in Slovakia from around 1000 hectares, under the Vinohradnícka oblasť Tokaj (wine region Tokaj) name.

- wrote Daniel Ercsey (If you need more informations about the Slovakian Tokaj region, click here to read our article)

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