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Tamás Doma

Founder, COO

It so happened that my family switched from kumis to wine 1700 years ago.  Although, I could start as far back as 1690 as well, when Imre Thököly was elected Prince of Transylvania. But maybe that’s a bit too distant, so I’ll start somewhere else instead. My grandfather disappeared in the Buda Castle during World War II, not far from the spot where the great-uncle of a well-known Hungarian chef, who happens to be a friend of mine, did too. I’ve been waging war with pixels and vectors for the last twenty years, but I can still tell a full stop from a comma. I could say of myself that I am a graphic designer, a marketing specialist or a typographer. That’s not the same as the ethnographer, geographer or any other kind of ’grapher’. I shape letters, not in the written sense, but rather for the sake of exterior neatness – although I’m still at an age where I’m developing. The intrinsic value here is something else; that can remain Kazinczy’s remit. The wines of Hegyalja perhaps less so; I myself particularly like them too. I already have a certificate for this. Of course, not only about my fondness for Tokaji wines; however, rather in recent years, the subject of Hungarian and foreign wines alike has occupied me ever more seriously. Drink what you Like and Like what you Drink. Perhaps that’s why I strayed towards the WSET courses, wanting to systemise my knowledge, so to speak.

I inherited the spice of gastronomy from my grandmother. I can proudly say to my friends, the Hungarian culinary life’s adventurers’, if there is a little time gathered between two advertising campaigns, I gladly get under their feet in the kitchen;  true, they call this ‘helping the cook’. At times, these roles are reversed. Though not in the sense that they do the creative concepts...

The designer for  ’A Nagy Magyar Boratlasz’ (The Great Hungarian Wine Atlas) and numerous other wine-related publications. The WineSofa co-founder and COO

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