“There are places on Earth which people fall irremediably in love with, often without any rational reason, you don’t even know why. Sometimes a deeply felt moment or a beautiful natural formation is enough; a nice example of the latter is when I saw American tourists sobbing in the Sahara at sunrise. At other times, our attention is held by constructed heritage, or the ambience of life, cafés, a bazaar, hookahs or Spanish ladies still dressing elegantly in their eighties. There is also a special case when people fall in love with people, with their behaviour, open-mindedness, kindness, and how they turn to them, opening their hearts as wide as no one else on this planet can. Georgia is a place where all the above things can happen to the traveller at the same time, where the local people are so hospitable, most probably because of the travellers who leave a small piece of their souls there and make this wonderful country even richer.” (Daniel Ercsey)