In 1664, the famous Turkish traveller, Evlya Celebi also praised the region’s wine when he wrote: “Sweet in taste and plenty of it, there are seventeen types of grapes and among them seven types of Muscat. It has no match, neither in Arabia nor in Persia, only the Tenedos islands have anything like it. There are pink wines, white wines and yellow wines similar to a sapphire.” (The island of Tenedos is now called Bozcaada and belongs to Turkey. It is an island of volcanic origin whose wines were already famous in ancient times.)

Gyöngyöstarján’s currently most well-known vineyards are Diós, Barnatanya, Fáy-domb and Paskom, which you can also come across on the labels of the bottles. Also notable is the Epres (formerly Epreskert), located on the outskirts of the town, but already belonging to the neighbouring village.

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Videographer: PixelTaster
Editor: Csaba Kriston