Once upon a time, there was the Zvolenský family who couldn’t cope with the problem of vicinal dust constantly covering their windows, while the girls (Jozef’s beautiful wife and three daughters) complained to the priest who was a guest at their Sunday lunch. So the Good Shepherd answered by the centuries-old wisdom, which states:

“Plant grapes, as it consolidates dust and sand” 

Not just by this reason, but Jozef finally started doing this. In 2003 they deployed Portugieser, Alibernet, Riesling and St. Laurent, in 2007 they had their first harvest, and next year they began to set up their winery, too. The family has no previous experience in wine-making, although Jozef has a degree in agricultural sciences, but grapes and mostly wine meant a totally new way for them. He said laughing “Since we have begun this, I have been always busy”. The vicinity, called Ružova Dolina (next to Suchá nad Parnou ) has already been an old vine-bearing  place. Originally it was a property of Pálffy family, later the citizens of Trnava bought some earth and built their summer cottages and press houses.

“We are in an interesting situation. Our main market is Slovakia, but regional people still don’t buy our wines, saying that they have the same kind at home, at a lower price. Making wine is not difficult, but selling that it is”.

Anyway, the wines of Terra Parna sell well, mostly within the country, but they send some cardboards of it to Belgium and Hong Kong, too. Since the eldest daughter, Ivana has been working at the winery at full stretch (as she is studying enology in the Czech Republic now), this thing is even more dynamic. “She will be the first professional here”-says Jozef, smiling. They have a plan about deployment, mainly Green Veltliner, as on the local vineyard this was the most important sort together with Portugieser, according to a local record. This way the present four acres could be extended by two and a half acres more. Regional Portugieser is popular in Slovakia (and probably in the Czech Republic, too), thanks to the writer called Frantisek Hecko who was born here and his probably best-known story (Cervené Vino-red wine) is also laid in this area. In 1976, a film was also made based on this book (starring: Stefan Kvetik) which is also very popular. Visit is recommended for Portugieser fans, on one hand. On the other hand, for those who are eager to talk to an open an literate family. Who are curious of the history and culture of that region. Who like modern buildings and resuscitated traditions, jazz in the vineyard (jazz vo vinici), tasting wines next to a DJ desk (Parna Party). Who have the same way of thinking as the Zvolenský family.