The Miniş DOC is located in Romania where the Zarand Mountains suddenly emerge from the plain. Its highest point, however, is only 836m high. The vineyards stretch for 30-35 kilometres along the western foothills, mainly in a narrow north-south band. The wine region’s nineteen settlements are bordered to the north by the Crișul Alb river and to the south by the Mureş river. The southern part of the region around Miniş is mostly known for its full-bodied red wines, while the northern part of the region, Maderat, is dominated by white wines. The wine region was first mentioned in charters in 1023 and was, for example, the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy’s most famous wine region! From the 1700s onwards, the best estates also produced a botrytised sweet wine from Kadarka. In the last few years, around ten to twelve wineries been working on raising the profile of the wine region. One of these is, of course, its most famous name, Géza Balla.

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