“Ostrožovič has the most beautiful vines in the wine region"

– this is what everyone told me. So, it could not have been an accident that he invited me to see his vines almost immediately after we met. And the vineyards are indeed really marvellously neat and tidy, located mostly between Malá Tŕňa and Černochov, on the left-hand side of the road, facing southwest. What is even more important is that even if the wines themselves do not necessarily reflect the differences, Jaro Ostrožovič knows exactly the diverse characters of his single vineyards.

Stony vineyard by @PixelTaster

The winery was established in 1990, in the heroic age, basically when there was one single private winery apart from his. We can say that Ostrožovič was the first to bottle and sell the wines under his own name and with the help of his own company in Slovak Tokaj. Until 1996 he had winery and wine shop in Slovenské Nové Mesto, not in Veľká Tŕňa, the current location of his winery.

Sátoraljaújhely in the background by @PixelTaster

Those crossing the border might find it strange that this village does belong to the wine region. Why and how is it possible if it might not have its own vineyards (except if the village is regarded as part of the Hungarian Sátoraljaújhely)? Anyhow, having crossed the border you can come across a Tokaji wine shop at the first crossroads, so this is where the wine region begins (if you come from the direction of Hungary).

There is also accommodation by @PixelTaster

In 1997 their largest development was commenced that has not been finished yet. They bought the animal breeding facility of the former agricultural cooperative and started to transform it into a winery. A modern wine hall with steel tanks was built together with the estate centre, a restaurant and a brand new cellar system under the buildings (leaking, unfortunately, in a few places- If I know right the problem has been solved since our last visit), and the accommodation which is continuously expanded.

Tasting room in the cellar by @PixelTaster

Looking at the assortment and the 58-hectare estate, it is no wonder that Ostrožovič is one of the most well-known names among Slovak consumers. Groups are also welcome, there is food and accommodation, too so they are really well-prepared for wine tourism.

Let's taste! by @PixelTaster

What is more, their wines are available in the bigger chain stores in Slovakia. True, they are the only ones in the wine region who do not feel obliged to use the classic-traditional Tokaji bottle for Tokaji wine specialties; this may cause some misunderstandings. They have already had problems because of it with other winemakers but as long as their wines (no matter their bottles) win the champion awards (in 2013) in the most renowned international wine competition of the neighbouring Hungary, everyone can say what they want, nothing will not disturb Jaro Ostrožovič’s sleep.

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