Mr Georg Riedel introduced the newly developed Tokaj Furmint glass personally to the guests of the 12th Tokaj autumn gala dinner. The glass achieved its final shape following the results of several months of development together with numerous Tokaj-Hegyalja winemakers and other renowned experts.

They designed a glass which successfully transmits the characteristics of the wine and the grape variety and also expresses the diversity of the Tokaj terroir.

Riedel Furmint glass

The glass enables you to feel this type of wine’s aroma and flavour more intensively than usually when you are tasting. Its bowl is quite large for a white wine glass and the sides of the glass curve in at the top, so that it preserves the special Tokaj Furmint’s aromas well. I think that it is a little too exaggerated in size and somewhat lacking in grace. However, the reaction I received from the manufacturer was that this not the main consideration. The final size and shape prevailed over the other concepts after several tests.

It is totally new that, for the first time, we carried out scientific research in the case of dry Furmint in order to develop the shape and the size, and we came up with a shape rather different to the usual, you might even say surprisingly so. The strength of this glass is that it works well with the different types of Furmint: from dry, to semi-sweet and sweet. At the beginning, we started to design our glass with dry Furmint in mind and when we tasted other Furmints from it too, we were surprised to find that it worked very well with them too. We like to say that our glass is an advocate or otherwise a loudspeaker for the wine, thus making it easier to get the message across to the taster. – Georg Riedel

Designed by Riedel
Photos by / Lőrinc Szendeff