Although unfortunately I missed the chance to actually hold a bottle in my hand, I still feel moved to hit the keyboard and write about these incredible curves. 2009 was a superb vintage for the Burgenland Leo Hillinger winery and inspired a suitably daring and unique attire to accompany this particularly complex, intense wine (Icon Hill 2009 - 95/100 Falstaff). And thus a plethora of inventive and unusual options for the capsule and label were born. The bottle however was a different story. Relatively few dared to intervene so “drastically”. Hopefully the refined lines of the bottle will inspire others. Only 999 bottles were made, expressly for the presentation held in Albertina, Vienna. It is understandable that production of large quantities is less cost effective, but I am convinced it achieved appropriate iconic status.

Icon HILL 2009

Designed by Zaha Hadid