Although the below concept did not win at the (Cégér a jó bornak) wine label design competition, I still find it creative enough for a wine bottle to make it stand out. As the circle motif plays a key role in the image and on the wines of the Kattra wine cellar of Etyek, the principal idea of the label design is also the circle. The lines inside the circle add up the initials of the winemaker (Ágnes Kattra). The designers wanted the label to have another feature in addition to providing information. This is how the drop stop “hidden” in the concept was created, which serves as a functional advertising media even after having consumed the wine. It also adds a bit of fun for the consumers. On the gift wrap a simple recipe recommended specifically to this wine is shared with the consumer by the organizers of Meat-free Wine-dinners.


Designed and produced by Kinga Nyoszoli and Kristóf Kőmíves