Öreg-hegy hill, in the village of Egerszalók, the Hungarian Eger wine region, is mainly rhyolite tuff, a volcanic rock that is easy to dig into, to carve. And this is just how the Dávid Wine House cellar was created that inspired the designer.

The three lines on the label represent the cellar’s three branches of different length, the arrangement of the strips refer to the cellar plan.

Dávid wine house cellar plan

Tearing the strips symbolises carving the corridors, the perforations in the rough, grainy paper create an organic surface similar to the grooved tuff cellar wall hewn with a pickaxe.

Removing the strips gives the feeling that the cellar opens up before our eyes, and we discover information that, were we to visit, the winemaker may tell about the wine, the cellar and himself.


Designed by Csönge Balla