The creation of this label involved a lot of time. With seemingly simple and temperate design, this project was a rather complex task with a lot of things at stake - the manufacturer's reputation, the expectations of consumers and the designer's qualification. We had to create a minimalist, stylish design that would make the product stand out on the shelves. Assuming that these are quality and expensive wines, we also had to communicate the concept of exclusivity through an original and unusual design. Shiraz wines from red grapes that wine is one of the species or a hybrid combination of the two types of grapes and grape Dvrza Blanche Mvndvz namely that both in the area of the Rhone Valley in southeastern France has come to be made. Shiraz wine refers to the wine historically produced around the city of Shiraz in Iran. By the 9th century, the city of Shiraz had already established a reputation for producing the finest wine in the Middle East, and was Iran's wine capital. Shiraz wine history had not been used in the design of its bottle packaging.The design by Persian motifs to the origin of the product, which is Iran. In the design of wine bottle packaging, The Iranian painting is that the party is in use. Because the Iranians in the past, parties and banquets joy to drink wine.

This limited edition wine design was inspired by shiraz’s wine history and Iranian motifs. The design was inspired by Iranian painting varnished and layout. Using no significant text, the individual patterns provide a subtle, tasteful indication of whether the wine is full-bodied or effervescent.

Designed by Azadeh Gholizadeh
Via: Packaging of the World