The design inspiration is from the poetry "drinking" of the poet Tao Yuanming in China.

I built a hut beside a path,
But hear no cart or horse,
You ask how this can be?
A distant mind is a far off place
Picking mums by the eastern fence
I lose myself in the southern hills.
The mountain air, the sunset light,
Birds flying home together.
In this there is a truth
To know, but not to say.

Package design of Tippler's Wine

The bottle of the white spirit be designed by drop-shaped with the tippler image, what express the means of "one white spirit, one world" and "the wine tasting realize the meaning of life”; express the indifferent and peaceful willingness, natural feel, make one’s mind somewhat refuge, words finish but the meaning will be infinite.

Package design of Tippler's Wine

The bottle with ceramic, the outside package and handbag are using reusable linen material, the packing box uses a low-carbon green kraft paper.

Package design of Tippler's Wine
Package design of Tippler's Wine

Overall of the package give consumers a natural, simple, pure emotional experience with a minimalist image, promote the design style of tippler's wine simple, Zen.

Designed by Yong Huang