After several Tokaj-hegyalja settlements, Tarcal, located on the southernmost part of the wine region, has also decided to present the unique character of its vineyards through a wine made by several producers. Nonetheless, Tarcal has taken a somewhat different approach than the wine producers in Mád or Tállya. 

Several settlements of Tokaj-Hegyalja have already joined to create a common wine but the Tarcal concept is different from those: while in Mád, Tállya and Olaszliszka grapes bought from several producers are processed by a single winemaker, in Tarcal the wineries give their base wines to the blending.

The unique characteristics of the individual vineyards do not disappear in the Tarcal Wine but enrich it through supporting each other.

said András Kanczler, manager of the winery Basilicus Borkultúra Központ és Szőlőbirtok, adding also that although certain criteria were laid down for making the base wines, wineries were granted freedom in using their own technology and wine making approach.

Tarcal Wine is a unique blend that gives a good reflection of the production area and how the winemakers worked together.

said winemaker László Majoros, owner of the winery Majoros Birtok és Borbár on behalf of the association Tarcal Bor és Kultúra Egyesület.

We cultivate our vineyards on the southernmost part of the wine region, on the sunniest slopes and on loess. The wines of this region have a peculiar character, they are marked by lightness, freshness and a fine elegance. The wine is filled with aromas of ripe fruit, herbs and flowers which have always been a distinctive feature of the Tarcal wines. Our intention was to create our own peculiar wine through blending our individual wines made based on an identical concept.

The recommended criteria included that everyone should process grapes that are free of botrytis and grown on their best vineyards with light load on the vine stocks and use natural fermentation or the yeast cultures selected by the Research Institute for Viticulture and Oenology in the Tokaj Wine Region having its principal office in Tarcal. At the same time, it was up to the winemakers to decide whether they would make their dry base wine from Furmint, Hárslevelű or their blend and in a cask or by aging the wine with exclusion of air. The nine participating wineries contributed with 2 hectolitres of wine each, so 2500-3000 bottles of Tarcal Wines will be produced from the 2016 vintage. A part of these will be redistributed to the wineries that will sell them either locally or through their own vendors and the rest will be sold to wine shops and restaurants by the ensemble of winemakers. Tarcal Wine will be sold in 0.75 l dark Tokaj bottles designed in Mád and provided with a screw cap and a unique label.

As emphasized by László Majoros the association, Tarcal Bor és Kultúra Egyesület, hopes that, over time, more and more winemakers will join this initiative which is expected to result in more complex wines.

It is important to us because in addition to our cultural, architectural and natural assets we would like Tarcal Wine to become also an attraction of our settlement. The first tastings are already over and I am glad to announce that a really lovely wine with citric flavours that is easy to drink was created.

The Tarcal Wine will be available for purchase from 15 October 2017.

Wineries participating in the creation of the Tarcal Wine:

  • Basilicus Borkultúra Központ és Szőlőbirtok
  • Gróf Degenfeld Szőlőbirtok
  • Kern Pincészet  
  • Kikelet Pince
  • Majoros Birtok és Borbár
  • Myrtus Pince
  • Palásthy-Emmert Pince
  • Tokajicum Borház
  • Volt Császári Birtokközpont és Pince – Tokaji Borvidék Szőlészeti és Borászati Kutatóintézet