"Find me on INSTAGRAM @ wine_asmr https://www.instagram.com/wine_asmr/ 🎧 Listen with headphones for a more enjoyable experience 🎧 Hello ASMR Wine enthusiasts! Today we are visiting Romania, Piatra Neamt, the winery of , trying out a Vintage wine of 2007. Enjoy, Relax and Learn a little bit about Wine. Please consider Subscribing. If you are new to "ASMR" and/or my channel, i sincerely welcome you and thank you personally for dropping by! What is ASMR? ASMR is a non-scientific, made-up term that stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. If you give it time and focus on the video you possibly might feel a weird/pleasant sensation, in various parts of the body (head, scalp, back, legs, etc.) described by the ASMR community as ''tingles''. ASMR videos are meant to relax you, and give you a feeling of inner peace. Interesting fact: Try listening to ASMR when you have a headache. You will find that after 20 minutes your headache will be reduced significantly if not gone completely."