We were challenged to develop an irreverent wine brand - concept, name, storytelling and image - that is able to attract young consumers (aged 18 - 28), who already drink alcoholic beverages, to the wine category.

The vineyards in our country, particularly in the Lisbon Region, are highly influenced by their coastal location. The Atlantic breeze that blows across the land allows the grapes to produce fresh and elegant wines that are easy to drink.

Since the ocean is so important to this wine, we decided to invoke its preservation and developed a concept that raises the issue of marine pollution, where plastic is the major problem.

Therefore, we removed the traditional plastic closure and replaced it with a paper seal: “a plastic-free pack as a w.ish for a plastic-free ocean”. Then, we conveyed the brand’s purpose through an ironic illustration that is immediately understood by the target.

We call them W.ish Wines: simply RED.ish, WHITE.ish, ROSE.ish and Sparkl.ish.


Designed by RitaRivotti
Via: Packaging of the World