The history of writing is almost as old as the history of conscious human existence. The transformation and simplification of drawn signs into symbols make up the story of how writing has developed. Writing symbols stylized into letters was a means to preserve knowledge but in addition to its functionality, throughout the centuries the beauty and uniqueness of letter-shaping have gained increasing significance. The beauty and aesthetics of writing have become emphasized; what is more, writing has been attached an artistic value. 

The below concept presents the above values well, not to mention the fact that a quote from a poem by Heinrich Heine has also been placed in the label.

Altes Kamin-Stück by Heinrich Heine (extract)
Outside, white snowflakes are blowing
Through the night: the storm is loud:
Here I’m alone, beside the blazing
Hearth inside, warm, quietly bowed.

I sit here in my chair, just thinking,
Here beside the crackling glow

By now calligraphy has become a form of independent art; its most illustrious representatives are as talented artists as painters, sculptors and graphic designers.   The knowledge of composition and typographic rules are intrinsic part of calligraphers’ professional know-how; the works of art they create do not only have a function – it is the aesthetics of letters and texts that has the greatest value.

The implementation of the concept began in the Denis Brown's workshop, "Text composition in calligraphy".

As the photos reveal, designers could not only bring back the memory of traditional Christmas postcards but the “analogue” tools used (such as the paper and India ink), also evoked the past. It is excellent artisan work proving that writing in itself may also carry beauty.

Designed by Julia Zhdanova and Vadim Briksin