Visual language is more efficient in conveying knowledge than any other means of communication. By means of tangible objects we can express ourselves and pass our experience on. Visual communication is universal and international: it is not restricted to language, vocabulary or grammar.

Everything that the human being adds to nature is superfluous, including himself.- Eulogio Pomares, enologist

A child’s souls is one of the most special things since kids have a completely different mindset and see the world in a different way than we do. They see it simpler, clearer and more naïve.

La Galaxia

Drawings tell tales about the most hidden thoughts that come to light through self-forgetting drawing. And this is also how this wine label was created. With some lines, the designer, Gio, the eldest son of Eulogio Pomares (enologist), depicts his father’s landing on Planet Dão in Portugal in order to discover its native flora (the grapes from native varieties of Quinta da Pellada).

In the simplicity of the label though there is a considerable depth. On the one hand it evokes the feeling of love for family and, on the other, it takes us back to an innocent childhood through space and time.

La Galaxia

Designed by Gio and Calcco