Nymphs are the embodiment of beauty, fertility and the creative, nurturing forces of nature. Nymphs are associated with particularly beautiful landscapes or regions; they are at home in the mountains, valleys, cool caves, groves, trees, streams and rivers.

This poetic image is especially expressive and also easy to connect with the nectar of the gods, wine. This is probably why the Greek Domaine Glinavos chose the name ’Dryads’ for its premium range of wines. In Greek mythology ’Dryads’ were nymphs of the forests (their name deriving from the word oak, in Greek, Drys) and they represented the immortal souls of trees.


This name and mythology led indirectly to the birth of the label, which expands on the obligations laid down by the name and whose soft lines bring the forest nymphs to life. We don’t need to bring down the wrath of the gods and the dryads on ourselves - in conciliation and with appropriate humility, let’s enjoy what the packaging and the wine has to offer.


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