DEFY was introduced to STUDIO AS-CC by a mutual friend to help with a full rebrand after they had developed a new branding strategy around their purpose, vision and consumer audience.

What is important was the cans themselves. They are packaging the wine in 250ml slimline cans and we knew these needed to be able to stand alone on the shelf, next to other drinks, and still stand out. Not only that, but we, and Leslie (owner and operator of DEFY) wanted a strong design aesthetic to be reflected in the work. He really wanted to have something which people would be proud to have it shown off in their homes. Since Leslie is launching DEFY both direct to consumer as well as through other stores and wholesalers, the can is the one constant. Also, part of DEFY's ethos is being direct, honest and straightforward. Removing all the snobbery and obfuscation around wine to deliver a delicious, high-quality drink in a convenient way.

Designed by Studio AS-CC
Via: Packaging of the World