Zina and Vasil from Bulgaria Wine Tours have made a great presentation of the less known of the two Bulgarian PGIs - the Danube Plain in Northern Bulgaria, illustrating it with the Cote du Danube wines. Burgozone is named after the eponymous Roman fortress and it is a family, boutique winery, pearched on the south banks of the Danube river. Zina and Vasil describe the Danubian terroir and specificities of the Burgozone vineyards. All wines are made from hand-collected grapes with limited yield and represent the Danube Plain style, which in Burgozone is called the 3Fs - Fresh, Fruity and Fine. In this video they present three wines from the Côte du Danube range. The Viognier, which is emblematic for the winery, described as the best producer of Viognier in Bulgaria by the wine guru Oz Clarke; the Pinot Noir which is the signature grape of this most Northern terroir in Bulgaria and the unique Rosé from Pinot Noir. Learn more about these wines from the experts Zina and Vasil.

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