On the southern shore you will find a beautiful 50 miles long beach, an uninterrupted line of large and small resorts teeming with life, a paradise for fans of sun, water and wine.

There is a lot of potential in the south of the lake region, not just in and around the summer activities, providing to relax, enjoying the summer breeze and cooling down with a glass of excellent wine at one of the local wine cellars, but also in spending an excellent pastime allowing in the season of winter to visit the South Lake Balaton relaxing, hiking, hunting or enjoying the local gastronomy and wines. Without exaggeration, we can say that the Lake Balaton region is more than a unique place, and is not just about only wine, gastronomy, but also recreational opportunities for local and foreigner visitors as well. The locals at the southern shore of Lake Balaton has a long history in grape-growing and producing rich in flavor wines.

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