Cotnari Wine House has launched the challenge of creating a Wine Brand dedicated to a young consumer target, a new target audience for the wine industry. They needed to find a new, effervescent name and create a dynamic and very visible label on the shelf. That's how ZAZ wines appeared. The launch of ZAZ sparkling wine was addressed to the same young target, but an elegant label was required to match the product typology. 

The colors of the label follows the color of the sparkling wine. Black, green and gold for the white one and delicate shades of pink and blue for the rose. The graphic itself is a simplified version inspired by the wine label design, so that is easily identified with their brand identity, illustrating the vineyard in the warm sunlight. As a production technique the studio opted for the selective varnishing and folio in the colors of each assortment, bringing the note of elegance that characterizes the sparkling wine.

Designed by 441 Design Studio
Via: Packaging of the World