I was born in 2006 in Karst wine region on Jelušič farm from small village Kazlje in Karst.

My parents, mum and dead »Vine«, are already 100 years old. It's good that I have 1400 brothers and sisters of my age, so was really never bored. The puberty came and I was more and more ready for practicing silly things, such as alcohol. Partly I sometimes wished to become a good wine, but some parts of me never wanted to get bottled. These parts fortunately withered away and were removed at the vintage when we were thoroughly sorted out.

Students years were the hardest. I was sprouting for whole 8 to 10 days. During these days they often pulled my leg, many times they even walked over me. Nevertheless this experience made me even more precious. Later on I moved into a wine barrel where I got mature and gained on charm. Today, I'm wine with 11 % of alcohol that many enjoy in because of a taste and even on doctors' recommendation. Cheers!

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