In this episode David spends a morning exploring the charming medieval town of Pocitelj  in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The town itself dates back to 1444, but the height of its power was during the Ottoman occupation. The Ottomans were in eastern Europe for over 400 years!

Traces of their past can still be seen today, from the cobblestone streets they constructed to the beautiful minarets that watch over the town. Pocitelj is located on the wine road from Mostar to Neum, so it makes a perfect day trip from either one. You could even do a day trip to Pocitelj from Dubrovnik.

Things to see in medieval Pocitelj include exploring the ruins of the fortress and its walls, the Sisman Ibrahim Pasa mosque, the clock tower, and strolling the quaint cobblestone streets. Also take the time to admire the unique architecture of the local houses, which blends Asian and Mediterranean elements, common in classic Turkish architecture. The views of the Neretva River below are stunning.