Furmint 2015 (tank sample)   I 80-81 points
Neutral nose, medium bodied with taut structure and a little carbon dioxide. On the palate, apple, grapefruit, citrus fruit and some Mediterranean bitterness on the finish. 

Muskotály sweet 2015   I 80-81 points
Perfumed nose of grape flowers. On the palate, medium bodied with good acidity. Flavours are dominated by dried fruit character.

Zéta 2015   I 82-83 points
Clean, peach nose. Full bodied with good acidity, but the sugar sticks out a little. On the palate, dried fruit, a little bitterness and a slightly spicy feeling on the finish.

Kabar Late Harvest 2015   I 83-84 points
Restrained nose with a little peach. Full-bodied with a dense structure and sweet fruitiness on the palate. Easy drinking, but lacks excitement.

Szedmák Winery

Sárgamuskotály 2015 (sweet)   I 87-88 points
Intense Muscat aroma with spices, dried fruit and apricot. Full bodied with good acidity. A taut and complex wine with a little pepper and honey on the finish.

Eszencia 2015   I 86-87 points
Restrained apricot nose with amazing gaminess, gum and smokey notes on the palate, together with apricot and wild honey. Dense and concentrated.

Zengő 2013   I 84-85 points
Restrained nose with a little green tea. Medium bodied with rounded acidity, peach, ripe apple and a little clove.

Furmint Late Harvest 2011   I 84-86 points
On the nose, citrus fruit, white pepper and a little petrol. Medium bodied with attractive acidity, honey, dried apricot, mint, a little petrol and a medium plus finish.