2014 Tokaji Sárgamuskotály
A fresh, youthful, reductive wine with floral, grape, lychee and citrus aromas. Crisp acidity and a hint of salt balance nicely with the 11g of residual sugar. Notes of peach, apricot and a touch of spiciness. Light, elegant and easy to drink. Finish slightly short.

2014 Tokaji Cuvée
A blend of Hárslevelű and Furmint with a little Sárgamuskotály. Apple, lemon and citrus on the nose, which is reflected on the palate, along with some quince, white peach, rather dominant apple and a certain stoniness.  Crisp and very drinkable.

2014 Tokaji Furmint
An elegant wine with an intense nose of stoniness, camomile, apple and almond blossom. On the palate, zesty acidity combines with flinty notes. Plenty of fruit, such as apple, quince and peach, enhanced by some honey. Partial malolactic fermentation adds a certain creaminess. Smooth and pleasant to drink.

2014 Tokaji Furmint Kővágó
Vineyard-selected Furmint with pronounced smoky stoniness on nose. Crisp acidity balanced with flavours of spicy honey, almond and pear. Smokiness found on nose is reflected along with some saltiness and almond bitterness on the finish. Mouth-filling, complex wine. Enjoyable to drink now, but would benefit from further bottle ageing.

2014 Késői Sárgamuskotály
Floral, spicy, grapey aromas typical to the variety. Crisp acidity balances the sweetness. Flavours of exotic fruits, especially pineapple, and ripe stone fruits. A relatively simple, fruity dessert. Would go well with lighter desserts, such as a cheesecake or fruit salad.

2013 Tokaji Késői Arany
Elegant late harvest wine from Furmint and Hárlevelű with a little Sárgamuskotály. The naturally sweet wine displays notes of honey, bitter Seville orange, marmalade, almond and peach. The smokiness on the nose adds to its complexity. Crisp acidity and a touch of salt offset the sweetness nicely. The botrytis notes do not detract from the pure fruit character of the wine.

2013 Tokaji Aszú 5 puttonyos
A complex, luscious wine with zesty acidity balancing the sweetness. Mouth-filling fruit flavours of grapefruit, lime, pear and quince are complemented with honey, marmalade, almond, toast and a touch of dill. Still rather young, but should develop nicely.

2013 Tokaji Aszú Szarvas 6 puttonyos
A vineyard-selected wines comprised of all six varieties permitted in Tokaj. A light, elegant wine, despite its whopping 270g residual sugar. Floral, camomile notes on the nose, complemented  with honey, herbs and mandarin. Complex palate which continues to develop with every sip. Flavours of orange, marmalade, camomile, peach, apricot, quince, tobacco and walnut. Could perhaps do with a touch more acidity. Needs more time to develop.

2013 Tokaji Essencia
Über-luscious wine made only from the drops of juice from aszú berries. Contains a massive 603g/l residual sugar. Complex, intense aromas of vanilla, tobacco, spice, camomile, citrus peel and marmalade. Paired nicely with some Roquefort cheese, whose saltiness helped to cut through the sweetness.