Your guide Tina takes you to the region of Styria in NE Slovenia and shows you two important monasteries and two interesting towns. Our first stop is in the town of Slovenske Konjice, known as the town of wine and flowers. A walk through the streets of the town, first mentioned in 1165, takes you to the arch parish church of St George which dates to 13 century. Listen to the priests singing when you enter the church. At the time of the Ottoman raids, the church served as a fortified refuge. Our second stop is in Žiče charterhouse, established in 1160. This was a first Carthusian monastery in the German world and also, the first outside of France or Italy. Its monastic church was dedicated to St John the Baptist. Many cultural events happen during summer; concerts and even weddings. We welcome 20.000 visitors per day. Our third stop is in Rogaška Slatina, a health resort with 400 years of tradition and the unique Donat Mg mineral water. Rogaška Slatina was awarded the Slovenia Green Destination designation. Our fourth and final stop is in Olimje Monastery, which lies only a stone throw away from the border of Croatia. It was first a castle in the 16 century, converted to a monastery in the 17 century. Olimje is considered the 3rd oldest pharmacy in the world (1663), after Paris and Dubrovnik. The frescoes in the round room tell us about the path to health and happiness. Visit the region of Slovenia Styria and learn more about the legends and stories of Slovenian noble family, Counts of Celje. Ask your local guide Tina about the love story between Veronika of Desenic and the count's son, Friderik II. What a story!

"Hello everyone, my name is Tina Hrast and I am a Local Guide in my hometown of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. I am also a Travel Director / Tour Manager in Europe. Together with my husband, Primoz Tovornik, who is also a Local guide and a Travel Director, I run a family Travel business, GO TO SLOVENIA TRAVEL, providing Tours in Slovenia & Croatia and beyond."