Pink Cherry Blossom is very romantic so winery decided to make use of the pink cherry blossom brew it and turn it into wine. In order just to view the beauty of Pink Cherry Blossom, we can also make it as a wine and taste it. However it always takes a long time in the brewing process, but it is one of the best sellers in Japan.

The visual of the design is very straight forward which can directly be linked with Pink Cherry Blossom. We’ve decided to use “Sakura” as the main theme as well as the pink colors to produce the main visual of the packaging design. So that consumers can identify the product attributes at a glance. Based on the theme “ Sakura” we combined with the main colors - pink to produce the packaging design and add in with Silver Stamping on the wordings to increase the layering of the product.

Designed by K9 Design
Via: Packaging of the World