In spite of the fact we turned up unexpectedly (we only called him on the morning of the visit) and a large group had arrived, he personally guided us around the winery and gave us a tasting. The hub of the estate may be familiar to those who have visited a Viennese Heuriger (wine tavern), a shady terrace where one can sit around, have something to eat and drink and generally enjoy oneself. The only difference – although it would be unfair to state that no similar places exist in Vienna – is that a real winery is behind it. Well, upstairs to be more precise! With impressive technology, extensive oenological knowledge and a winemaker with a vocation who, by the way, also receives the guests.

Their main varieties are Grüner Veltliner, Müller Thurgau, Chardonnay, Welsriesling, Zweigelt and Syrah. All on just 3.5 hectares right near lake Constance. The Heuriger (and the winery too) are nearly in the town, on the side of a hill in Bergenz. And it has a superb view opening over the nearby mountains and the lake, but only for those who get to visit the winery not just the restaurant.

Although not organically certified they cultivate their vines organically. This is the inner urge, the “green approach”, of the winemaker who strongly rejects the “improvement” of wines using sugar or other additives.

We are not making lemonade. We’re making wine!

Möth is the only Austrian winery on the lake shore. So it is natural that they are trying to think regionally.

Well, we’re alone here but there are many German and Swiss wineries in the near vicinity and around the lake. And in terms of the markets, it’s only a short distance to Zürich, Munich and Stuttgart which is a market of 2.3 million people, not to mention all the tourists who visit.

They make some 15 000 bottles annually (last year in the not so great vintage of 2014 it was only 7000 bottles), but don’t count on expansion. Most of the wines are sold on site or in the 20 nearby shops of the EuroSpar chain. And they are also strong in the culinary line too. Josef Möth is a great fan of cooking and has several chef friends so the concept is for his wines to be found pretty much only in Michelin star restaurants – and they are already in several – or in restaurants which pay special attention to wine.

Finally a few words about the design. The website, the labels and the bottle closures, as well as the new and surprising gift packaging, are the work of a good friend who is a marketing expert. The whole concept is modern and draws the attention. The solutions are innovative and astounding. So together the whole is perfect. Of course, if the wines weren’t really good, then the rest would be worth nothing…