When we asked renowned painter Javier de Aubeyzon to bring our La Piu Belle Rosé to life, we simply gave him a bottle of this pure Millahue character and set him free. Paintbrush to canvas, he was guided by the spirit of a mysterious woman and this wine’s pulse, now one and the same.

A face came first, her ethereal beauty radiating, La Piu Belle’s vibrance in human form. Then he surrounded her with beautiful bouquets, to create a balance between tenderness and intensity, to soften her enigmatic force. La Piu Belle goes beyond the bottle. She represents the energy among the vines, the power within our grapes and the allure of this Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc rosé blend. She is the essence of VIK, our new Art piece.


Designed by VIK
Via: Packaging of the World