This is a project that didn't come into production from the client (wine's name was changed)

A local winery needed new packaging. We were asked to make one that should:

refer to its old one but with a modern approach
remind the taste of the wine, as it is like a "journey" to the world of senses
respect and emphasize the tradition and history of the winery's place
be modern

The name of the winery was inspired by Homer's "Odyssey" with previous packaging having a lithography showing Evmaios and Odysseus drinking next to the fire. So by keeping the "illustration" part, we made new illustrations, all hand-drawn, that show parts of the Odysseus adventure. Each wine variety - another scene from Homer's "Odyssey", accompanied by dialogues in ancient Greek from each scene.

If you are interested in what kind of wine was offered by the ingenious Ulysses to the Cyclops who had devoured his companions, click here!