The tour weekend was like a school trip by minibus; it was a relaxed atmosphere, we walked around Palić, tasted all the wines and spirits, ate, drank and had fun. For anyone walking around there, it’s an almost obligatory part of the programme.

The founder of DiBonis, László Bóni, is from Baranya, more precisely, the Croatian part of it. His parents and grandparents had a wine estate nearby, but he himself hasn't been involved in winemaking for very long at all. Of course, as is usually the case, a sense of adventure was awakened in him, so in 2004, he began to plant vines in the Subotica-Horgoš wine region. He works mainly with red varieties and has had his modern winery since 2008 as a result of technological developments, from where mostly modern style red wines and fresh whites are sent to consumers' tables. Shiraz, Bordeaux varieties, and Montenegro's pride, Vranac, all feel at home in the region. In addition to the wines, fantastic fruit spirits are also made under the umbrella of DiBonis. This was how we came across the world's best apple brandy at the winery's restaurant; it was really amazing without any doubt, even hardcore fans of the world of spirits couldn’t have found anything to fault with it. They have white grapes on five acres, with a mixture of soils, in one place sandy, elsewhere with a high level of humus, and very loessal soil can be found here too. Their wines are made either reductively or oxidatively, depending on the final product; it is also served by a well-equipped winery. Muscat Ottonel and Sauvignon Blanc usually represent the lighter, crisper trend, while Chardonnay often comes into contact with barrique barrels. The rosé is rather reminiscent of the Provence style, so it should come as no surprise that there is not only the latest vintage on offer. As regards the red wines, the abovementioned modern trend is stronger, with more wood and notes of vanilla and pepper. They work very little with Kadarka, typical in this region a long time ago, but rather produce it for the sake of curiosity. The owner's favourite variety is Shiraz, which was first planted in Serbia by him, contrary to expert advice. And what a good idea it was! The DiBonis Shiraz is slowly becoming a concept in itself, due to its concentration and elegance.

Their wines and spirits win international prizes one after the other; however, more importantly, László Bóni has remained a kind, homely and extremely hospitable person, who still cooks fish soup for his guests, of course in an old-fashioned style. This probably says all that needs to be said about him.