A mountain ridge stretches north to south covered with apple trees west of the village of Mala Remeta (the name means ‘little hermit’; I was wondering if this refers to the body size of the first monk who lived here?). The plantation seems to have no end, especially when looking around from the top room of Deuric Winery. Actually, this is “only” 100 hectares of apple trees surrounding the processing plant and the freezer of Atos Co. and the estate centre of Deuric Winery.

Photo: Daniel Ercsey

Needless to say, Deuric is not merely a tenant here. The area of the former Sirmium has always been a grape and fruit growing region so neither the apples, nor the grapes are new here. The owners of the two businesses are the same. In 2008 they planted the grapes in the higher grounds where it wasn’t too comfy for apple trees. This is why the 16 hectares of Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Probus and Marcelan occupy the south-eastern slopes at the height of 270 meters. While receiving all this information we could taste the fresh apple juice made by Atos and had to refuse – to my greatest regret, as I was about to drive later that day – their apple spirits.

Photo: Daniel Ercsey

Probus – he was a Roman Emperor by the name of Marcus Aurelius Probus, but be careful not to confuse him with the emperor-philosopher Marcus Aurelius, bearing almost the same name. Probus was the one to plant vines on the slopes of Fruska Gora and his soldiers became so furious with him (for having them do such a civil job) that in October 282 they killed him. The red wine made from the grape variety that carries his name has a big body, intensive colour but looser tannin structure and is a cross of Cabernet Sauvignon and Kadarka.

Photo: Daniel Ercsey

The first harvest took place in 2014 when the winery had been completed with the modern processing plant, the barrel-aging cellars, the tasting rooms and the four apartments upstairs where maximum eight guests can even hold a mini conference in a purpose-built room.

The annual target of Deuric – with its modern image and a beautiful label – is 100,000 bottles, all this with the assistance of a Serbian winemaker and a French consultant. The location is almost perfect (even though I first thought I had got lost when I saw all those apples), and having tasted the wines, it is certain that we will hear a lot about Mala Remeta and Deuric Winery in the future.

Photo: Piroska Koltai - Wine a'More Travel

And now let's see the tasting notes!

Blanc de Noir 2015   I 84-85 points
Very fruity and citrussy nose with the autolysis notes remaining in the background. Lovely mousse and a long finish.

Sauvignon Blanc 2016   I 87-88 points
Apple, pear, a little citrus fruit and a touch of tropical fruit on the nose. Tight acid structure, medium-bodied and plenty of fruit. Aromatic and infinitely quaffable.

Chardonnay 2015   I 88 points
Honey, brittle and white flowers on the nose. Full body and lovely acidity with a touch of punch, citrus fruit and attractive fruitiness. Roasted oily seeds and citrus fruit on the finish.

Urban Rosé 2016   I 87 points
Sweet raspberry fruitiness and a touch of coconut on the nose. Marvellous acidity, rounded, very fruity and extremely quaffable. A beguiling, full-bodied rosé.

Pinot Noir 2015   I 86-87 points
Plum dumpling on the nose! Or rather cinnamon, plum, sugar and a little sour cherry. Smooth acidity and silky tannins with bags of ripe fruit on the palate, followed by a medium finish.