Great mood, traditional hospitality, and the unparalleled taste of authentic Moldovan wine - this is what our project for Crama Tudor is all about. This small property in the settlement of Sadova, Calarasi region is well-known among local wine lovers thanks to its high quality vines and the special vibe of the place, lovingly built by the winemaker, Tudor Aghenie. For many years his cellar has been an attraction for tourists, while the wines have garnered multiple awards at national home winemaker competitions. However, when he has decided to launch a bottled version of his wines, Tudor Aghenie faced the necessity of creating a competitive trademark for his products. And that’s where our studio comes in.

Crama Tudor is a brand created by our studio from scratch. Taking into account the main features of the producer, we have developed the overall visual style, naming, and label design for all the wines in the series. The main theme for the entire project is the link to traditional Moldovan wine making and respect towards the rich culture of the country. Thus the ethnic patterns in the composition and the stylized image of the winemaker himself, inviting everyone to his personal cellar. Because at a good Moldovan estate, the owner himself serves wine to his valued guests directly from the barrel. And when opening every bottle of Crama Tudor, you are taking a step into the hospitable household of Tudor Aghenie and his family.

Designed by - Design Studio
Via: Packaging of the World