The dimensions of the winery are grandiose, although the 6 Nitrian friends had to work a lot on reopening the cellaring in 1993. The tradition of viticulture at the areas near the village of Topoľčianky has been noted since 1723. As we arrived at the tasting event, a sword and a bottle of Sekt 1933 (méthode traditionelle) champagne was waiting for us on a barrel, celebrating the 80th anniversary which was just a year ago. Development is continuous since then, nowadays -compared to the initial period-  they process grapes from more than 420 acres (which means the Nitrian and Strekov wine region), cooperating with many small vineyardists. Above the typical varieties (Green Veltliner, Welschriesling, Pinot Blanc, Blue Frankish, Pinot Noir), local vines as Palava, Devin, Nitria and Alibernet are also present. The historical cellar is the biggest working one in Slovakia, according to its dimensions. The castle within the settlement is at least as great attraction as the winery itself. At the place of the building there was originally an aquatic castle, the present castle was built in the 15th century. Since then it has had many owners, as the Hungarian Ferenc Rákóczi II. who had his first son born here, the Croatian Keglevich family (from  1742) followed by Dalmatian settlers significantly developing regional viticulture, the Austrian Habsburgs, finally the Czechoslovak president, Masaryk, who had it as his summer residence. After continuous reconstructions, the building got its present look in 1830, based on the plans of József Hild, who was probably the most famous Hungarian architect. The winery offers its countless wines within eight product families, and, for the winelovers’ greatest pleasure, there is a selective big wine shop working within the building, so the people being there just for the castle and not for wine tasting can buy wine without pre-registration. The real experience is rather provided by local varieties for the majority, Retro series is worth buying among them, but not just because of the incidentally brilliant label. Topolcianky is an important destination because of the castle (where one can  sleep, has a restaurant, a café and a beautiful park), but those who are already here, should not miss the winery as the experience can only be full together with this.