Due to its design wine labels have a major impact on the selection of wines by the consumer, on the other hand there are numerous requirements toward domestic / EU legislation in terms of revealing the information on the labels, this issue occupies an increasingly important place in the wine market. 

In doskorašnjoj practice this topic in Serbia has not paid much attention, however, because Serbia is on the way of registration of geographical indications under the new transformed tzv.PDO / PGI system of geographical indications, there is a need to find a creative design label for Serbian wines and wines from the future geographical indications. For this reason, the main goal of this competition is to create a unique visual identity of local wines by finding the original label designs, which will be in the future, such as by allowing recognition of Serbian wineries in the world market.

What's Unique?

Uniform should I design makes for a label that has the task to be successfully separated in the sea of the existing wine brands, designs and general approach to the promotion of wine.
Choosing colors that sublimates flag of Serbia, from where and encourages wine that should be the brand name , as well as the graphic expression which corresponds to the theme of the label (Topic: Serbia).
Essentially the most important in the design, a simple and effective way get attention of future potential consumers and buyers of wines from the territory of Serbia.

Designed by Milan Terzić
Via: Packaging of the World