Austria is one of the most exciting wine producing countries, and I am constantly amazed by the diverse wines finding their way into the market. Provocative winemakers combined with impressive terroir is a great combination to achieve transcendant wines, and for this episode we were lucky to have three of Austria’s most inspiring growers with us to share their stories and wines from their own cellars. Joining us today are growers Ewald Tscheppe of Weingut Werlitsch, Christian Tschida, and Claus Preisenger. As well as Head Sommelier of Nuala Restaurant, Honey Spencer. Special thanks to the great team at Fera at Claridge’s. One of London’s most exciting restaurants, and located in one of most iconic hotels, we were fortunate to occupy the Test Kitchen Dining space for our conversation.
Find them on Instagram at @Feraatclaridges.