This work investigates the complexities of tradition and combines two elements with a significant history; wine and embroidery. The research has drawn inspiration from Romanian folk costume and traditional peasant tops. The most important piece of the traditional female costume, the blouse "IE" has so much more to it than just colourful patterns and detailed embroideries. It preserves tradition through its ornaments which highlight the differences in age, social status and life events.

The research has employed the embroidery designs as a theme for the brand to differentiate the wine according to its region of origin. The brand and values are illustrated on the labels, the decorative wrapping paper and the unique embroidered sleeves, as well as identifying tags for each bottle. The project is an homage to Romanian culture and tradition. Contemporary peasant tops are being exploited by the fashion industry worldwide and the Romanian history is being lost in the visual translation to popular culture. This work is an illustration and representation of the cultural and traditional origins of the designs, where they come from and what significant meanings they have.

Designed by Anka Stan
Via: Packaging of the World