Alexander Lukyanov, the owner and the winemaker of Et Cetera winery, decided to create a very new line of the light wines. The name was chosen as Aeroplan, and this is where the story begins! From his early childhood, Alexander drummed big about the sky and becoming a pilot. This seems to have nothing in common with the winemaking, but the moto: “Don’t forget to dream big and set goals, firmly believe in them and move towards.”

As time went on, Alexander graduated from pilot school and made his decision to build a landing strip right from/to his winery. His next aim was to create a very special itinerary to the place, that would work as an alternative substitution to the ground transportation, so the flight from the Chisinau airport directly to Vadul-lui Voda valley was set. The possibility of joining the winery by helicopter, was very much appreciated by Et Cetera customers. Eventually, the new route straight from Odessa to the winery appeared (thanks to its’ geographical position, only 109 km to the Black Sea coast.)

The designers' task was to think in big and visualize what the DESIGN of a wine label for the Aeroplan wine can be, always keeping in mind its’ unique storytelling. We can see the visualization of the route on the map itself, with the flight duration and explanation of this trip on the label. Thanks to Et Cetera’s unique label design we can be a part of this journey and feel that the sky is the only limit.

Designed by DSG Creative Design Production
Via: Packaging of the World