In the wine sector many companies are betting on the redesign of their images for new audiences, however no one has thought of the experience of youth. How could we bring wine to them through a memorable and participative experience? How can we show young people all the situations in which wine can be a regular consumption.

8 TICKETS uses a visual universe easily recognizable by youth and decontextualized public of its common use that allows generating a great attraction in the decoding of its meaning. The design shows different contexts and situations in which to fit the product. The surprise generated by the incorporation of the game at the back of the bottle - which serves as a playful and participative builder of the consumption memory - placed the product as a unique experience for the user.

8 TICKETS allows you to keep the memory of the moment in which the product is consumed through a game. Incorporating the map into the back of the bottle makes the product unique. Inside the dynamics of the game are explained and you can find the stickers. The outside, offers you the frame in which you can build the memory of the moment by drawing, pasting stickers or writing.

Designed by MANÎ Diseño estratégico
Via: The Dieline