Tramin Winery is known around the world for its wines with special olfactory notes, recognisable as the unmistakable signature of this fascinating territory - South Tyrol, characterised by mountainous landscapes, valleys rich in watercourses, lakes and many protected natural areas. This provides an ideal natural habitat for vines, progenitors of great wines with intense aromatics which represent the terroir and the very soul of the Tramin Winery. The winery’s oenological project is also represented by the strength of cooperation, from the vineyard work of over 180 family owners, linked to their own land for generations, who cultivate it with great respect and maximum care, in close contact with an oenologist, who is one of them and who has established a deep relationship with them, both as a friend and a professional. This translates into continuous, virtuous communication between the vineyard and the cellar. Tramin Winery's mission is to enhance the reality of this terroir with its extraordinary aromas and bring it to the eyes of the world through wines that create sublime memories and emotions thanks to their unparalleled elegance in the glass.

The new Pinot Nero Alto Adige DOC Riserva from the Tramin Winery is now being released under the name Marjon.  It is made from Pinot Noir grapes originating in the vineyards of Mazon, Pinzon and Glen. The grapes come from three adjacent areas, whose soils are similar in their mainly calcareous composition, but which differ in altitude. 20% of the grapes comes from Mazon, whose vineyards have a western exposure and an altitude of about 350 metres; 40% of the grapes from Pinzon with west-facing vineyards and an altitude of about 450 metres and 40% of the grapes from Glen, with a south/south-western exposure and an altitude reaching 650 metres above sea level.

Marjon is ruby ​​in colour with garnet nuances. The nose is fruity with aromas of berries, plum, cherry and spicy herbal notes. On the palate, soft tannins and a pleasant whiff of freshness leads immediately back to the altitude at which the vineyards are located, giving character and elegance at the same time. Fruity and juicy finish with evident spicy notes.

The name Marjon comes from the toponym indicating a detrital area overlooking the vineyards of Glen and Pinzon. A word that in turn derives from Marranea, or ‘fragments of gravel’ in the ancient pre-Latin Indo-European language. And it is indeed the presence of a backbone of calcareous origin that characterises the underlying vineyards cultivated with Pinot Noir. Marjon enriches Tramin Winery’s range of red wines. Although over the years, the company has become famous for the olfactory expression of its white wines, in particular for its Gewürztraminer, its history is also marked by the production of red wines. The winery we know today was in fact born from the 1971 merger between Tramin Winery (founded 1898) and the Egna Winery  (founded 1893, when the first cooperative wineries were set up in Alto Adige), located near to the Mazon, Pinzon and Glen vineyards.