Cover photo by Mauro Fermariello

The fifteenth edition of Villa Favorita will be held from Saturday 14 to Monday 16 April at Villa da Porto, known as "La Favorita", in Monticello di Fara di Sarego (Vicenza). 160 companies will be participating in Vinnatur, an association of natural viticulturists, which come not only from Italy but also from France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Germany and Slovenia. It is one of the most important shows for natural wines in Italy due to the number of participating companies. It is a unique event, enabling visitors to learn more about natural wines, by meeting and getting to know the producers themselves, whose wines you can also buy at the tasting.

Maule Angiolino (photo: Mauro Fermariello)

“After our last good experience in Genoa in January”, says Angiolino Maule, president of Vinnatur , “where there was an excellent response from the public, both professionals and wine lovers, we are now preparing for the event which is more significant for us, with respect to the number of editions and participating companies. In recent years, Villa Favorita has witnessed the growth of our association, marked by important milestones, such as the approval of the Disciplinary in July 2016, but also the awareness of many consumers who perhaps only approached us out of curiosity, but who have learned to appreciate our work over the years”. 

“In 2017”, Maule continues, “we have registered 190 companies in the association, with a total of 1,500 hectares of vineyards cultivated naturally that produce 6,500,000 bottles of natural wine, of which about 5 million in Italy. If we consider that only 65 companies were members at its founding, we can only be proud of the work done so far ".

What is VinNatur - Association of Natural Winemakers? 

VinNatur was born in 2006 to bring together small natural wine producers from around the world who want to defend the integrity of their land, winemakers who have a common objective of sharing their techniques and experiences of producing wine in a natural way, both in the vineyard and in the cellar, and of disseminating the culture of terroir. The purpose of the association is to help these winemakers join forces in order to give everyone greater strength, awareness and visibility by sharing experiences, studies and research. The aim of the association is also to promote scientific research and to disseminate knowledge about natural and innovative techniques. 

Photo: Mauro Fermariello

Over the years, various research projects have been created between the associated companies and some universities and research centres.

When the association was founded, VinNatur only had 65 members. This has grown to 190 today. Winemakers wishing to join must agree to submit their wines to be analysed for residual pesticides, to ensure the genuineness of their wines. Villa Favorita is the key event allowing the VinNatur Association to live and expand its goals over time.

More information:

Date: from 14 to 16 April 2018
Opening hours: from 10 to 18
Place: Villa da Porto called "La Favorita", via Della Favorita - Monticello di Fara, Sarego (Vicenza)
Admission: € 25 per day (available only at the entrance of the event) including the guide of the event and tasting glass.
Minors do not pay entry and can not make tastings.
Dogs: small dogs are allowed