Rub the cleaned duck thoroughly with salt and rosemary. Remove the veins from the liver and cut it into small chunks. In a hot frying pan, sauté the mushrooms in a bit of oil until they turn golden. In a separate pan, cook the liver until it gets some colour (no extra oil is needed). Meanwhile, soak the bread rolls in cold water and then press the water out of them. Prepare the stuffing by mixing the bread rolls with eggs, cooked liver, cooked mushrooms, parsley, rosemary, some salt and the ground pepper in a blender. Slide the stuffing under the skin of the duck’s legs and breasts. Preheat the oven to 130 degrees Celsius. Render the duck fat, and then put it in a baking sheet. Spread the onions, carrots and garlic on the fat and place the stuffed duck on top. Pour 500ml water to the sheet and roast for at least three hours in the oven. When the meat of the duck is soft enough (check it with a needle), increase the heat and cook until the skin is crispy. For the side dish, put the honey and butter into a pan, and when hot, add the apples. Turn them around after 5 minutes, and when ready, serve immediately.