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Tamás Bereznay

Culinary Artist

I have loved cooking since I was a kid. This is my life. Between 2001 and 2010, I was the head chef at  Kárpátia restaurant. I have cooked for the Hungarian President, László Sólyom, although numerous countries’ leaders have also tasted my work; Prince Charles, King Juan Carlos I of Spain, the Swedish King Carl Gustaf, George Bush and Vladimir Putin, amongst others, have also featured on my guest list. I have always considered it important to share information with others. Maybe that’s why I started to write books and why I also set up a publisher specialising in culinary books. Currently, I run cookery courses at a culinary academy, as well as supervising gastronomic activities at the Hacienda restaurant (also the venue for WineSofa and Tamás’s cooperation). I am the TV face of the Hungarian version of Kitchen Nightmares. Spare time? What’s that! At most, when I’m asleep, but probably then I am also dreaming about cooking. I count myself lucky. My hobby’s my work and my work’s my hobby.

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